Post-a-letter is a project created with the intention to inspire you to write a letter to someone you care about. The idea is that a letter may carry a meaning much more profound and stronger than a text message, an email or even a phone call. In times of isolation and restrictions, it's imperative that we find ways to keep our meaningful relationships strongly connected. I believe a letter that is written with an open heart can have the power of an embrace.
When you sign up you'll receive a package through the mail containing stationary and 3 permanent domestic stamps. It has no cost to you and all the information you share with me will be kept confidential at all times.
In addition to the package, we will have the chance to gather in circle (to this moment, the circle will be held online through Zoom) to share experiences about..... 

Post-a-letter was generously funded by Neighbourhood Small Grants North Okanagan.
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