Built in 1945, this charming single-screen movie house entertained local patrons for years under the stewardship of its first owner, W.A. Fisher. As the only movie theatre for miles in a small town in the years before television and cable, business was initially excellent – sold-out weekend screenings were the norm. Competition with the new technologies like TV, home video and computers (technology that keeps us at home) hurt many small town single-screen theatres. Changing hands several times during the 80s and 90s, the Hope Cinema eventually sat empty for years (and was also, very briefly, a chainsaw museum). The business was bought in the early 2000s by its current owner, Kevin Larson, who invested heavily in restoring the disused theatre to its former glory. While only open four days a week, the theatre has seen support from the community (especially during 2013’s campaign to raise funds to cover the costs of Larson’s newly-purchased DCP equipment) – needed more than ever since a Cineplex Galaxy multiplex opened in nearby Chilliwack, drawing young people away from Hope – young people who prefer to drive to see a well-hyped new movie on its opening weekend (and pay a steeper ticket price) rather than wait a week or two for it to come to Hope. However, a loyal band of movie lovers and fans of the Hope Cinema keep attendance steady and the lights remain on in Hope.
The Hope Cinema 
376 Wallace St
Hope, BC
(604) 869-0752
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