The Projection Project documented a pivotal moment in the history of motion picture exhibition. Through fine art photography, videos, and articles, Silmara and Curtis depicted the changing world of cinemas in British Columbia from 2011 until 2017. They spoke to and photographed the people that shepherded movie theatres through an era that saw traditional 35mm film projection giving way to digital technology. Curtis and Silmara never meant the Project to be comprehensive, but they did wish explore and question the dynamics of public entertainment in these fast-changing times as fully as possible. In the autumn of 2017, the Projection Project culminated with the release of the feature documentary, 'Out of the Interior: Survival of the Small Cinemas in British Columbia.'

What is the Projection Project
The Projection Project travels throughout British Columbia, visiting classic cinemas and meeting the hardworking people who keep the popcorn fresh and the stories on the screen. Whether its vintage 35mm film or state-of-the-art digital technology, we are still drawn to the projected image.
Documenting the evolving nature of cinematic entertainment in the digital age
Out of the Interior: Survival of the Small-town Cinema
A documentary by Curtis Emde & Silmara Emde
Out of the Interior is our first full-length documentary.
Hollywood Theatre - Vancouver, BC
Photo Essay on the Hollywood Theatre photos: Silmara Emde
Towne Theatre - Vernon, BC
Photo Essay on the Towne Theatre photos: Silmara Emde
Fifth Avenue Cinema - Vancouver, BC
Photo Essay on the Fifth Avenue Cinema photos: Silmara Emde
Park Theatre - Vancouver, BC
Photo Essay on the Park Theatre photos: Silmara Emde
Hope Cinema - Hope, BC
Photo Essay on the Hope Cinema photos: Silmara Emde
Clova Cinema - Cloverdale, BC
Photo Essay on the Clova Cinema photos: Silmara Emde Text: Curtis Emde
A Look at the Oliver Theatre Photo-story
Using still images, local music and the voices of the Oliver Theatre's owners Dave and Christine, the Projection Project presents this short look at the tenacity of a vintage small-town cinema.
Decades of entertainment: how a small-town cinema in southern British Columbia has kept its doors open since 1947